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It could be said that in small developing countries where there is just one education institution providing this level of learning, all these stakeholders stand to gain (or lose) a lot, based on how well their higher education institution contributes to and positively transforms the human, social and economic condition of the country. In some way or another, all these stakeholder groups are or will be affected by what it does and produces.

Stakeholders Are or Will be Affected by What Education Institutions Do and Produce

Further, many will be able to support that institution achieve its government mandate of meeting the human resource needs of the country and so it augurs well for it to listen to and potentially incorporate what the various stakeholders have to say.

Stakeholder engagement usually involves communicating with stakeholders about an institution’s achievements to date and plans for the future as well as asking their views about both, especially the latter.  Stakeholder feedback can then be appropriately factored into the change management process.

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