The digital world is increasingly penetrating the education and skills domain. Technology has gradually been used to deliver education, knowledge, and skills in new and innovative ways. However, the technology doesn’t aim to replace teachers, only to complement them.

Digital technology is becoming increasingly intertwined with everyday life: from schooling and education to political engagement and even financial and health management. Developments in digital technology, and the speed at which they emerge drive innovation and new applications that touch our lives in different and often profound ways. While there are numerous opportunities and aspirations associated with digitalization, there is also a crucial need to understand and mitigate ...

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Headlines for the rest of the article:

  • Fast-changing digital technologies
  • Virtual Reality
  • Classroom Set of Devices
  • Redesigned Learning Spaces
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Personalized Learning
  • Gamification
  • New technology and new learning models


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Karl Skaar
Karl Skaar

Is a highly successful professional, with a high degree of entrepreneurial flair.

- Senior Analyst in the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, Norway
- Responsible editor and publisher of the Lucubrate Magazine, Global
- Project Manager of the Lucubrate Project, Global
- Chairman of Board of Directors of Nobel Knowledge Building, Uganda
- Chairman of Board of Directors of Norsk Kompetansebygging AS, a Consultancy company, Norway
- Member of the Board of Directors of Norwegian International Development Company AS, Norway

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