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World Youth Skills Day events have provided a unique opportunity for dialogue between young people, technical and vocational education, and training institutions, firms, employers’ and workers’ organizations, policymakers, and development partners.

World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day, observed annually on 15 July, focuses on the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship.

World Youth Skills Day 2021 took place in a challenging context, continuing the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the widespread disruption of the Technical Vocational Education and Training sector (TVET sector). While vaccination rollouts offer some hope, TVET still has a long road to recovery, especially in those countries which continue to be overwhelmed by the spread of the disease. Youth skills development will face a range of unfamiliar problems emerging from a crisis where training has been disrupted in an unprecedented manner on a virtually universal scale.

TVET has a key role to play in fostering the resilience of young people. All stakeholders must ensure the continuity of skills development and introduce training programs to bridge skills gaps. Solutions need to be reimagined in a way that considers the realities of the present and the full range of possibilities for the future.

World Youth Skills Day 2021 Organized in Nigeria

As part of its cooperative social responsibility, the management of Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd (NENL, an Energy and Environmental company) organized this Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Awareness Program in partnership with Ese Odo Local Government Area, Nigeria.

On the 15th of July 2021, the World Youth Skills Day was organized to educate youths from Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State on the relevance of Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Development. The program was an awareness campaign program to prepare Youths from Ese Odo Local Government Area for the future and global jobs through TVET and Entrepreneurship.

The program started with an opening prayer by Barrister Bamofin Ogbemerun Henry, followed by the Honourable Chairman of Ese Odo Local Government Area Opening Speech. The Honourable Chairman thanked His Excellency the Governor of Ondo State Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu (SAN) for His commitments and strategic drive towards preparing Ondo State for sustainable economic development and livelihood through the State Government development master plan, which will increase job opportunities for youths across Ondo State and Nigeria at large. Hon. Folawe Sipasi-Aluko admonished the youths to be law-abiding and productive because they are the core drivers of development. She further emphasized the need for youths to be equipped with Vocational and Entrepreneurial Skills to become self-reliant and independent economically to remain meaningful in society. Also, the Secretary of Ese Odo Local Government Area, Barrister Ebigha Iwabi, in His remark pointed out the importance of an awareness program like this for youths from Ese Odo Local Government Area and the need to empower youths with Vocational Skills to combat security challenges, youths’ restiveness, cyber-crime, and youths’ unemployment. He thanked the management of Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd and its partner Labtech International Academy Indonesia.

In the same vein, the President of Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd (NENL), Mr. Oluranti Jasper Netufo shares in this great belief knowing well that our youths are endowed with much energy, ideas, and innovation to move to the desired future. He set the center stage for youth’s development drive in the locality when He emphasized the need for every youth to be empowered with at least one Vocational Skill that can help sustain their financial needs and take off youths from the street to decent jobs within and outside Nigeria. He highlighted that there is an urgent need to expose our youths to Vocation or Trades that will enable youths from Nigeria and Ese Odo Local Government Area to compete for global jobs, which He believed is achievable through sustainable partnerships with TVET Industries, International Organisations, Educational Institutions, Government, and Community Leaders. He further stated that Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd would select and sponsor 20 youths registered for the Labtech International Online TVET Academy during the program after the 14day trial period as part of His organization’s cooperate social responsibilities to the host community in partnership with the local government. We shall continue to do more through a partnership with local authorities to bring the grass-root vision. No youth will be left behind on this project in capacity developments that cut across different fields of entrepreneurship.

The Regional Vice President of the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) East and West Africa, Mr. Igberadja Serumu, pointed out the importance of TVET for sustainable youths’ development in Nigeria, Africa beyond. He further stated the readiness of IVETA to collaborate with the different youths organization in Ese Odo Local Government Area to equipped youths with Vocational and Entrepreneurial Skills for future jobs.

Urs Hauenstein postulated the need for Youths to be self-reliant by acquiring vocational and Entrepreneurial skills to be gainfully employed beyond borders. He also charged youths, governments, and stakeholders to look at the future to prepare for FUTURE JOBS. The President of ICEM Switzerland stated his commitment and readiness to collaborate with youth organizations, governments, and individuals to prepare youths from Ese Odo Local Government Area, Ondo State, Nigeria, and Africa for sustainable and economic development through youth mentorship and vocational skills acquisition programs.

Mr. Arnaurd Delvaux, the Marketing Manager Europe and Latin America of Labtech International Indonesia, presented Labtech International and the Labtech International TVET Academy. He presented over 50 Vocational trades such as Automotive, Biomedical, and Electrical. The Labtech International TVET Academy is an online training academy where students can learn Vocational Skills remotely provided the students have access to a laptop or mobile phone and Internet connection. Mr. Arnaurd, after presenting Labtech, encouraged the youths present at the event to take advantage of the free registration for 14 days trial period to navigate through the various trade courses to help guide their decision to choose trades of interest. He further stated that Labtech International Indonesia is ready to help in equipping youths from Ese Odo Local Government Area and Nigeria with skills to compete for global jobs.

The President of the Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC), Mr. Blessing Adebowale Akinlosotu in His remark highlighted the importance of the acquisition of Vocational Skills by advising the youths to convert any monetary empowerment to Vocational Skills Training which we prepare them for life, and it will help them to be economically vibrant in the near future. Also, the SSA to the Governor of Ondo State on Youths and Students Affairs Hon. Ogunyemi Olumuyiwa Ojo, in His remark, thanked the organizers of the program and youths and admonished the youths to key into Vocational Skills development programs for sustainable development and livelihood.

The Chief Operation Officer of Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd Engr Aroshighhighlightedor our youths to be empowered with relevant Vocational Skills needed in the global job markets. He admonished youths from Ese Odo Local Government Area to take advantage of the Labtech International TVET Online Academy and register for the free trials. He further posited that the wellbeing of our future greatly depends on the acquired vocational skills of our youth today. That is from today we can define the look of our future. We, therefore, have the power to shape the future now for the benefit of all, and “Yes, We Can.”

The over 50 participants at the program’s venue were happy to participate in the Vocational and Entrepreneurship Development Awareness Campaign Program. They promised to key into the programs of Labtech International Indonesia. As well, the CEO of Builders Hub Academy Lagos, Professor Simon Yalams of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, Myriam Bonnila and Gabriela from Edibon Spain, and staff of Ese Odo Local Government Council all made significant contributions in the event to encourage our youths to key into vocational and entrepreneurial skills for competing for jobs beyond borders. Engr Festus Aiwe of Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd rounded up the program with a closing remark and prayers. He thanked the participants and speakers for participating in the program and reiterates Nibiru Enterprise Nigeria Ltd’s commitment to supporting youths in Ese Odo Local Government Area for vocational training and entrepreneurship development.

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