While the transition from subsistence agriculture to the consolidation of the industrial economy took over a century, the new digital communication technologies are accelerating the pace of all manner of change in the world of work, including growth in the service sector.

My work has been the same for years. Some time back, I made a change and got a new employer. I thought I had the needed skills for different kinds of jobs. However, who needs the skills I got fifteen years back? Who needs an employee that is clever and has skills that the labor market needed years back?

The digital revolution encompasses various disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, e-business, blockchains, and big data. Its pervasiveness has led to sweeping social, economic, and cultural change, including personal relations, leisure, consumption habits, production systems, marketing, distribution, and labor. Technological innovation is transforming every part of our lives. The ability to quickly and cheaply exchange large amounts of data and information has laid the foundations for the rise of the digital economy and digital labor platforms. In both developed and developing countries, businesses and consumers have embraced this transformation, as services and goods are delivered in cheaper and more convenient ways. Digital labor platforms are now part of our everyday lives.


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  • The Digital Economy is Transforming the World of Work.
  • The Digital Economy Over the Last Thirty Years
  • Skills, Jobs, and Locations do Not Always Match
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