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The sustainable bakery has a commitment to the environment, reducing food waste, dedication to employees, and genuine care for the customer. 

Social and Economic Transformation for the Bakery

In a publication under the vignette of “Greening TVET,” we can read about sustainability in the bakery trade.[1] One challenge the bakery trade experience is social and economic transformation. For example, supermarkets’ industrially manufactured baked goods and bakery shops depress prices. On the other hand, many craft bakers have a stronger focus on sustainability, reflecting traditional manufacturing processes. The value and origin of the processed raw materials are a realistic future perspective for the whole trade. 

Sustainability in the Bakery Trade

The project about sustainability in the bakery trade is from Germany. The report states that the bakery trade is a hundred-year-old tradition in Germany. With more than 3200 different bread specialities, German craft bakers have a global reputation for excellence. At the same time, the profession is confronted with fundamental challenges, including a severe shortage of skilled workers and how sustainability can be reflected in training and put into practice at the workplace.

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The project created new training content for inter-company training centres to integrate sectoral green competencies in vocational training of the bakery trade. The report tells that trainees learn about the importance of sustainability in the new training content by developing relevant green competencies and integrating them into their daily work life. The trainers know new didactic methods thanks to the latest training content. They are enabled to make lessons more interactive and convey new green competencies. Both trainers and trainees become multipliers in their companies and help increase awareness for sustainability among colleagues and their unique environment.

Sustainability for Bakery Retailers, Suppliers and Consumers.

Sustainability is a massive focus for bakery retailers, suppliers and consumers. The central tenets of sustainability, such as reducing energy usage and water consumption and lowering food waste levels, are essential. That kind of activity makes good business sense, too, as they can lower overall production costs, simultaneously improving the bottom line and bakeries’ green credentials. But enhancing bakeries’ sustainability can be easier said than done. While bakers are adept at ensuring economic sustainability in their businesses, the process of how to reduce environmental impacts is far less defined. It may, in fact, be outside a bakery’s immediate sphere of influence.

Here are a few ways to bring sustainable practices into the bakery business. 

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  2. Purchase Environmentally friendly products
  3. Conserve energy, water and natural resources
  4. Practice Green Business policies on the checklist
  5. Donate or repurpose the unsold products


[1] Bridging innovation and learning in TVET, NiB-Scout: sustainability in the bakery trade, ADB Nord gGmbH, Germany (2021)

Lucubrate Magazine January 2022

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