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Many of Europeans (42%) [1] don’t have even basic digital skills. Millions of experts in cybersecurity, AI, cloud, HPC and other digital domains are missing on the job market. Although significant, European and national efforts to close the digital skills gap have remained so far fragmented. Too often, a successful initiative from one country remained undiscovered in the rest of the EU. Too many policy actions and strategies did not reach their full potential because important players did not get involved. Visions did not materialise for lack of collaboration. The Platform aims to change this.

The One-stop-shop Digital Skills and Jobs Platform

The one-stop-shop to close Europe’s digital skills gap is now called the “Digital Skills and Jobs Platform”. The platform will become a unique reference point for digital skills enabling all Europeans – citizens, businesses and public organisations – to make the most of the digital transformation of our society and economy. The platform will function jointly with the 25 national coalitions for digital skills and reach the EU’s Digital Decade targets.

The Connecting Europe Facility funds the Platform. The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform brings together best practices in digital skills, resources and the main actors to make a tangible impact on both basic and advanced digital skills. Shortly, smart functionalities such as a self-assessment tool, multilingual content and online courses on emerging technologies will become available and make it easy for anyone to find the right resource from the best available online today. 

Video from the launching of the platform (Digital Skils EU)

The platform is a major step forward in closing the digital skills gap in Europe. Together with stakeholders and national partners, we are bringing the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform to life. With this virtual home, the platform brings all digital skills actions and initiatives in the EU under one roof, as requested by the EU Member States. The Platform should bring the best available online resources at your fingertips –  whether you search for a training opportunity, good practice, news, latest data or policy strategies. The Platform hosts an active community:  a secure space for sharing ideas and discussing projects; for networking and finding like-minded partners to scale up your current initiative or start from scratch as a team.

Build the Digital Skills

Millions of Europeans need digital upskilling. Millions of companies are looking for digital experts. This joint effort across borders and technological fields propelled by our experience, know-how and enthusiasm will help people and businesses in Europe to make the most of the digital transformation.


[1] European home of digital skills

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