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Lucubrate Magazine, January 25th, 2023

Technical Vocational Education and Training is a specialized program that prepares students for a technical field. Many countries have started implementing education programs to train the greening change and digitalization. Students who complete programs can get good-paying jobs in their field of study. 

TVET focuses on skills needed in the future

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) currently comprises many fields in many countries worldwide. This includes technical areas such as engineering, information technology and automotive and mechanical engineering. There are also more general technical fields, such as technical or industrial arts and hairdressing. This is because there are many demands for skilled workers in all environments. In addition, there need to be more qualified instructors to teach these courses in schools. As a result, many countries are starting to provide technical education for their citizens.

TVET focuses on skills needed in the future and many different domains. It provides training for students in computer science, information technology, software engineering and web development. Usually, TVET courses are shorter compared to university degrees. This is because there is a lot of pressure to get trained quickly and effectively in these areas so that people have jobs when needed. Also, it is very helpful to have short and affordable degrees that teach people skills they need immediately versus years from now.


IVETA invite to ‘Futureland: Next Generation Education’ in Dublin, Ireland, on 6 – 7 March 2023. In their invitation, we can read that the world has faced some challenging times in recent years – from the COVID-19 pandemic (and associated lockdowns), civil unrest in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Ukraine, political upheavals, cryptocurrency and stock market crashes, and crises in energy, food and employment.

The invitation underlines that all these things have fundamentally challenged educators and the role that educators play. Education is increasingly being moved online – how ready are educators or their students for this? 

IVETA (International Vocational Education and Training Association) is a network of vocational educators. The network includes vocational skills training organizations, business and industrial firms, and individuals and groups interested in vocational education and training worldwide.

IVETA asks if our curricula and pedagogies are relevant to the world’s changes. For all the talk about teaching ethics and creating policies on inclusion, is our society still found wanting in these areas? Is environmental sustainability realistic, and if so, what is the role of education? Is the future focus on education mainly on the use of advanced technologies?

Futureland asks you to imagine a better world and then propose educational solutions to achieve it. IVETA invites you to share the latest thoughts, knowledge, and ideas in education that can revolutionize the world we know.

Lucubrate Magazine recommend the conference.

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Lucubrate Magazine January 2023

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