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Microlearning is a way of providing short, focused pieces of content to an audience, ideally where and when they need it. Microlearning content can be transferred in many ways, but using software purposefully built for this approach makes the most sense. It’s not a new idea, and its effectiveness has been debated within the learning and development industry. Microlearning courses don’t necessarily equal good learning or improved performance. However, it can be highly effective in the right context and done with the overall experience in mind.

Microlearning is a method that uses small moments of learning to drive job performance and employee development. It is appropriate when the learner needs help doing something specific or reference a snippet of content. Microlearning is short and to the point, based on a topic or problem, and easily searched by asking a question or entering keywords.

Some Reasons why Microlearning is a Good Idea

People can process only a limited amount of information through working memory due to the volume of information and distraction present in everyday life. Regardless of how much information we pack into a course, a person can only walk away remembering a part of it. Therefore, the right conditions must exist to support transferring information from working to long-term memory to be retrieved when needed.

People also have limited cognitive resources. Learning requires focused awareness, which means we must design solutions with the realities of attention in mind.

The Video Gives some Information about E-learning and Microlearning

The video is microlearning about microlearning. You will find questions, explanations, and links in the brief video. It is a great example of microlearning.

Lucubrate Magazine June 2021

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