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An article in Lucubrate Magazine is a piece of writing on a particular subject for publication. Many posts include news stories, features, profiles, instructional articles, etc. While each has specific qualities unique to its type, all articles share some common characteristics. Writing essays can allow you to share compelling and important information with readers, from forming and researching your idea to writing and editing your work. You are welcome to write articles for publishing in Lucubrate Magazine.

The Lucubrate Magazine highlight education and development. Development in this context can be technological, educational, individual, social or global, and everything related to education.

Publishing an Article

We want to emphasize practical advice and knowledge that anyone can use daily. We want to bring forth new knowledge that professional practitioners and non-professionals can use. Therefore, the reader of the article should find it useful.

The contributor needs to register on Lucubrate Magazine (https://magazine.lucubrates.com/register-2/). You can tick on the “Free” option. After registration, you add what you want to your profile and upload a profile picture. The picture and the description of yourself will appear at the bottom of your article.

We publish the articles in the Lucubrate Magazine. In addition, the articles will be posted on the Lucubrate homepage on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This can cause thousands to see your article.

Blog Sizing and Requirements

An article will typically address one topic and discuss the topic from different approaches:

  • You must refer to the source if the text and information come from other documents.
  • An average article usually contains about 5000 characters or 800 words (less than two pages).
  • The minimum size of an article is 300 words (to give an impression on the size: this article about writing a post in Lucubrate Magazine has 500 words).
  • All articles need to be followed by an illustration or a picture – the “top picture” (The writer can add pictures and illustrations. Alternatively, the editorial staff can find relevant photos.)
  • The “top picture” sizing is 800×533 pixels.
  • In addition, you can put different photos or illustrations in all parts of the blog.
  • When you use illustrations, you need to refer to the source.
  • When you use pictures, you need to inform who is the photographer/source.
  • Your article must be in Word, Docs or a similar format.

When writing articles and papers, you often have to do some research by consulting sources. Remember that your references should be reliable. Furthermore, it would help if you did not forget that you should be as independent as possible regarding your source’s wording.

Send the Article to the Editorial Staff

Send the document and pictures as attachments using an email to lucubrates@nkb.no (indicate that the email is a blog for Lucubrate Magazine).

The editorial staff will review all articles. After that, the editorial staff may change the blog and ad in the headlines. If changes are suggested, the blog writer will receive the blog for review before we publish the blog.

The editor may refuse an article if the article does not hold a good professional level or if the source reference is inadequate.

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Lucubrate Magazine
Lucubrate Magazine

Lucubrate Magazine highlights trends in education and development. Development in this context can be technological, educational, individual, social or global, and everything related to education.
Lucubrate Magazine is a global based on the web magazine with the main office in Norway.

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