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Lucubrate Magazine, January 17th, 2023

During my childhood, I remember being extremely curious and inquisitive; I struggled with different ideas and the circumstances shaping me during this period of my life. I can still remember things from when I was three years old.

I need the motivation to study.

As a student, I remember analysing and reconstructing the school’s curriculum and structured lessons. I found that all the available careers were rigid and constricted and that they were so boring and atrocious!

I perceived the lessons to be unuseful and irrelevant to the knowledge you needed to use in the real world! I often found myself lacking enough enthusiasm and the time required to read all the lessons to increase my grade scores in school. I was discovering new things instead of spending time on common school tasks!

I remember not bringing up my grades before starting my university studies. The reason is clear. I needed more motivation to bring high scores as an innovative student! I recall that somehow I found myself spending most of my time on other activities such as playing with puzzles, shaping dirt in the yard, watching cartoons with my father, painting with Playdough or Watercolor, studying storybooks, and playing with my vehicle toys, toy cars, and toy harmonica and dulcimer fantastically ….

I remember the reason why I didn’t have to waste my valuable time and energy. I had little interest, and I was not excited about scientific topics. The school structural system was not fascinating enough for me… of course, I was so happy to choose this strategy at the same time … I was very fortunate because my family has always been extremely supportive. My father had always trusted me, especially when making decisions, preferences, and choices.

Is your childhood similar to mine?

What I wrote about my early childhood story probably parallels and could be similar to yours!” It contributed to my assessment of why some educational curriculum is deemed attractive.

It donated to why some educational systems are denied to attract, hunting innovative minds, and why we wouldn’t count them as the only source to build multi-dimension development to nurture our children!

Despite all obstacles, recognising taboos will facilitate the reconstruction of existing programs.

Barriers to the educational systems

We can discover these prohibitive rules, constraints, and common barriers in the educational systems and processes. Thus, a constructive, prompting, and admirable climate without persistence on academic grades or scores will prepare undeniable benefits. We will be surprised to observe fascinating outcomes constantly! Educated people with active minds are eagerly looking for innovative ways to improve. Why should they accept one concept or idea as the only source when you can build an easy multi-dimension curriculum to educate and nurture our children?

Modern-day busy lives are filled with interruptions, obstacles, and even taboos. If We analyse and acknowledge to avoid any misinformation. Then it can aid and facilitate the modification or restructuring of existing programs.

We were born on this planet for all of us to grow, live, explore all possible experiences and ultimately comprehend, share and convey these moments with other people. This is truly so wonderful and amazing.

Reform and define learner-based educational climates

To conclude, as a first step, it would recognise that we will encounter and discover prohibitive standards, rules, constraints, and common barriers in the current educational curriculum and guidelines.

As a next step, to gain and empower environments fits into creative, liberal and democratic by reforming and defining learner-based educational climates instead of rigid and scores-based systems.

Regarding my life’s case, I would like to experience a life of total liberty, health, and independence. Of course, we are at the beginning of this road.

Lucubrate Magazine January 2023

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A physics teacher shows a working model of a wiring diagram to a group of pupils at a primary school (Photo: Adobe Stock)

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Atefeh Ferdosipour
Atefeh Ferdosipour

Atefeh Ferdosipour is a professional education, research, and educational consultant. Her goals included training international students as international civils and also training teachers and elite researchers to build a better future. She is collaborating with some different global roles as an educational expert such as editorial board member of international journals, organizing committee member of international conferences, and educational consultant ….
She enjoyed collaborating and communicating with people who were from different countries.
She has worked as an assistant professor at a university for ten years. She is the author of the book and numerous articles also. currently, she is USA green card holder as a talent and researcher.

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