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Lucubrate Magazine, February 17th, 2023

Many educators wonder how to handle the student’s use of ChatGPT. How to reconcile traditional writing instruction with tech that can churn out everything from essays to haikus with uncanny sophistication?

Alyson Klein gave in EducationWeek some ideas on creating assignments that ChatGPT can’t do. She asks the question: Can educators remove students’ temptation to use ChatGPT and other so-called “large language models” to plagiarize by coming up with assignments that ChatGPT won’t be able to handle? 

The blog in EducationWeek asked educators and experts on all sides of the broader debates about ChatGPT to give some strategies for AI-proofing assignments. Go to the blog to read it all. We only list the headlines: 

  • Ask students to write about something deeply personal
  • Center a writing assignment around an issue specific to the local community
  • Direct students to write about a very recent news event
  • Have students show or explain their work
  • Ask students to give an oral presentation, along with the written work
  • Return to a pre-digital age and ask students to handwrite their essays in class
  • Put project-based learning to work
  • Run the assignment through ChatGPT before giving it to students.


Alyson Klein, Outsmart ChatGPT: 8 Tips for Creating Assignments It Can’t Do, EducationWeek, February 14, 2023

Lucubrate Magazine February 2023

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