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Lucubrate Magazine, February 4th, 2023

The transition to decarbonized and resource-efficient economies and societies is an urgent challenge facing today’s world. Education plays an important role in ensuring everyone gets access to new skills. Investing in technical and vocational education and training programmes (TVET) can create an enabling environment for transitioning towards decarbonized economies and societies that are both resource-efficient and equitable.

A greening TVET is a key factor for this transition.

Greening of TVET

The process of redesigning socio-economic systems to ensure their sustainability has begun, but it needs to speed up. We can no longer delay taking action to address the challenges we all share. The “greening” of the economy requires a parallel greening of jobs which, in turn, requires us to consider the skills needed and TVET required to provide those skills. In short, we need to see a “greening of TVET”. [1]

TVET is an important part of any education system, offering the skills and knowledge necessary for employment. We need to see a greening of TVET to ensure that these skills are relevant in a changing world. The greening of TVET involves providing training in environmentally-friendly practices and technologies, such as renewable energy and sustainable industry. The environmentally-friendly technologies will help equip students with the knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs and employees in a green economy. It will also help ensure that future generations have the skills to tackle climate change and other environmental challenges.

The transition to decarbonized and resource-efficient economies and societies is a complex process that requires holistic engagement from all stakeholders. The stakeholders include governments, businesses, civil society, individuals and others. One of the key elements of this process is TVET.

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Change Demand of the Labour Market

TVET can provide the necessary skills to meet the changing demands of the labour market in a decarbonized economy. It can also help equip people with knowledge about renewable energy sources, green technologies, sustainable infrastructure and other topics related to sustainability. Furthermore, TVET can help individuals develop soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork and leadership which are essential for a successful transition.

The transition to decarbonized and resource-efficient economies and societies requires systematic and holistic engagement on the part of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems in response to the changing skills demands of the labour market. Education plays a key role in equipping the current and future workforce with the relevant attitudes, knowledge and skills to facilitate the green transition. It is, therefore, critical to strengthen the governance and management structures required to mainstream environmental sustainability in TVET systems and to incorporate the skills needed for the green transition in developing and upgrading competency standards, curricula, training design, delivery and assessments in both initial and continuing TVET. [1]

A greening TVET is a key factor for the transition to decarbonized and resource-efficient economies. This is an urgent challenge facing today’s world. 


[1] Greening TVET and skills development A practical guidance tool, International Labour Office 2022 (www.ilo.org/publns)

Lucubrate Magazine February 2023

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