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Are you struggling to learn or need to acquire an understanding of accounting? Being online and global you can register from anywhere in the world – online accounting classes.  

Accounting classes are designed for absolute beginners at a very low cost and each class is only an hour using GotoTraining software. Most important, they are live classes and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Syllabus will thoroughly address, financial transactions, MIS, financial records, costing and finance, accountants in business, and financial and management accounting. No requirement to take any exams nor pay additional fees. This program could also be of great interest to entrepreneurs or 1st-year undergrads majoring in business. Planning to take professional accounting exams and it’s also perfect for TVET training.

If you’re interested send an SMS to 1-617-397-4043, leaving your name and email and referencing online accounting program. Or send an email to peter@Lucubrates.com. I’ve written and published several financial/risk related papers, and 30+, accounting articles for the Lucubrates magazine, see attached, that should provide a good introduction. Website: www.GlobalCfoLLC.Com .

LinkedIn profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ccfosoxpeterwelch/ 

Lucubrate Magazine February 2020

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Peter Welch
Peter Welch

GlobalCfo.LLC is an expert at developing entrepreneurs and building 3-5 year business plans and cash flow projections as a prerequisite for accessing financing sources. GlobalCfo.LLC targets accounting standards compliance and theory, sound infrastructure /process mapping and COSO 2013-17/solid internal controls, ERM, and last but not least documentation /Policy and Procedures and other manuals. Additionally, interim CFO services (or Rent-a-CFO by the hour/day) are offered locally or remotely as well as training at all levels and all functions, not just accounting; e.g., management and leadership skills. Pre/Post-M&A is also offered.

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