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Education is a step by step process of gaining knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills can, for instance, be acquired through studying books, listening to the teacher, following eLearning, reading on the web, practical experience or through instruction.

Education has multiple benefits and positive effect on a person’s life. Education is the best resource for a country or an organization. Education takes you towards knowledge. Knowledge can be explained as a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject or something. Knowledge is understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study, either known by one person or by people generally. Knowledge is the state of knowing about or being familiar with something.

Lucubrate supports education for building skills and knowledge to all kind of businesses to create possibilities for jobs and make a lasting difference in people’s lives. Globally. 24/7.

  • Lucubrate makes you to a global skill builder.
  • Lucubrate contributes to building your knowledge.
  • Lucubrate sends you the Lucubrate Magazine to your email box.
  • Lucubrate offer you free courses.
  • Lucubrate gives you access to interesting blogs and information.
  • Lucubrate can make a difference for you.

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Lucubrate Magazine
Lucubrate Magazine

Lucubrate Magazine highlights trends in education and development. Development in this context can be technological, educational, individual, social or global, and everything related to education.
Lucubrate Magazine is a global based on the web magazine with the main office in Norway.

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