Lucubrate publish on the web a magazine. The Lucubrate Magazine highlights education and development. Development in this context can be technological, educational, individual, social, or global, and everything related to education.

Lucubrate support education for building skills in all kinds of businesses to create possibilities for jobs and make a lasting difference in people’s lives. Globally. 24/7.

The vision is to be the world leader in knowledge transfer across borders.

Who write the articles?

There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank writing document. You know that blinking text cursor you see on your screen? However, you can start. You can do it. If you wish, you can write an article and have it published in Lucubrate Magazine. Article writers come from all over the world. Find some guidelines here…


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Updated 1.10.21

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Lucubrate means:

  • to work, write or study laboriously, esp. at night
  • to write learnedly

(Latin lucubratus, past participle of lucubrare to work by lamplight, compose by night)

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