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Lucubrate Magazine, November 16th, 2023

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world, we dream;

We work in a TEAM,

We integrate with STEAM;

Our strength is communication,

Problems we solve through collaboration;

Critically we think,

For our team to be in sync;

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world, we dream;

We are mindful and curious,

For us our world is precious;

We are life-long learners,

We are the 21st-century builders;

For knowledge, we search,

We engage in research;

We are the STEAM team,

For a better world we dream;

Our learnings are Experiential,

For us STEAM is special;

We are agile and adaptable,

We are Future-Ready and capable.

–             By George Panicker

Lucubrate Magazine November 2023

The illustration on the top of the article: Adobe Stock

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George Panicker
George Panicker

George Panicker is an Entrepreneur, Author, Independent Documentary Film producer and a passionate Educationist. He is the Founder of International STEAM Research Pvt. Ltd.

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