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We need to transform the entire backbone of our economies: our industries, buildings, energy, and transport systems. We need to do more with less, creating more sustainable and equitable growth.

We Have the Technology

The good news is we have the technology to make this happen – from innovative grid technologies that enable the integration of renewable energy and electrified transport to digital technologies that make manufacturing and supply chains more sustainable and resilient.

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To keep pace with the technological changes in our markets, we offer our employees continuous learning opportunities that are also more accessible. I know it’s not easy for people to do their jobs, look after their families and still find the time to take courses. Our online learning platform, which contains over 100,000 digital offerings, is a fast and convenient way to keep their skills up to date.

The World Should Work Together

It’s time for the world to work together. The scale of humanity’s problems is too big for any organization, sector or country to tackle alone. We need global ecosystems to collaborate and develop innovative solutions. We need governments to pursue common approaches in carbon pricing and invest in technology and skills development.

The text is from an article in World Economic Forum, “3 imperatives to accelerate the world’s sustainable recovery” Read more…


Roland Busch, 3 imperatives to accelerate the world’s sustainable recovery, World Economic Forum, 2022

Lucubrate Magazine January 2022

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