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The weaver is a social bird, not only breeding in colonies but feeding in flocks. Flocking helps the weaver locate food that is often widely scattered and offers a measure of safety. Roosting and feeding sites are busy as birds squabble over partners and pickings.

Such a social lifestyle requires good communication, and the village weaver has a repertoire of at least 15 calls. Some are understood only by the same species, but a few can be recognized by other small birds. While on the move, the weaver keeps up a constant chuck-chuck that helps the flock stay together; and chirps excitedly to announce the discovery of food. It is particularly vocal during the breeding season, chattering to court partners or to deter rivals. But every so often, the colony suddenly falls silent.

You will not learn much about the weaver at the international conference in Uganda on June 24-26, 2019. However, you will learn important issues for education. If you want a seat at the conference, you should hurry up. Registration for the conference closes when the conference is fully booked or no later than 1 June 2019.

International Conference in Uganda about Digitalization and eLearning for Education

The conference requires good communication. Kampala Sheraton Hotel in Uganda has what we need. The conference has a repertoire of about 15 speakers on June 24-26, 2019. Some of them may be very focused and interesting, and you may learn about digitalization and eLearning. The weaver, the bird, are making nests by weaving palm leaves together. The conference weaves people together and helps to create a good network. 

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Village weaver birds at their woven nests

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