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Lucubrate Magazine, Issue 35, August 3rd, 2018   

Peter E. Welch

Peter is a renowned trainer and also writes weekly accounting articles for the Lucubrate Magazine targeting 18-24s and TVET. To date, he has written 15 articles and now writes about IAS/IFRS accounting standards at an advanced level. He addresses the academic needs of TVET and entrepreneurs. Besides being an accomplished trainer, certified by IABFM (International Academy of Business and Financial Management) and consultant, Peter has functioned as an Adjunct Faculty for Golden Gate University and the University of Southern New Hampshire both in the United States. Besides the US he has taught/worked in Botswana, Kuala Lumpur, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Afghanistan/Singapore, Egypt, Georgia, Sudan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, South Africa, Japan, India, UAE, Puerto Rico and the UK. Peter’s overall experience already has exceeded 40 years.

In 2009, he provided advice to the South African National Treasury within the framework of an EU-funded technical assistance project. During this mission, and in his capacity as IFRS trainer, he was responsible for the implementation of GRAP/IPSAS accounting training. Mr. Welch also worked in Georgia, under USAID, in 2002 where he taught ACCA final accounting papers, IFRS-based material, and assessed the financial sustainability and capacity of the local accounting standard-setting body.

Peter demonstrated excellent teaching skills in delivering the training course and was well received by both the client and the trainees.  It was commented as unusual to find anybody that clearly enjoys and embraces these accounting and technical issues. Peter is an instructor who exercises due diligence in his method of teaching and carries his class along on every aspect of the lecture.  He is very versed in IFRS skills and very good at impacting knowledge.

He has published several papers:

  • Effective Liquidity Management in the Post-Credit-Crunch Era
  • Global Financial Crisis (and the concepts of risk and return) – who contributed?
  • Asset / Liability Matching – What is it?
  • “What do Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and Hedging FOREX have in common; they’re all risk and compliance related” Question: Should Sox 404 Go?
  • Inflation, a micro and macroeconomic perspective

Peter Welch is the CEO of GlobalCfo.  GlobalCfo is expert at developing entrepreneurs, and training in the 18-24s and TVET space, as well as building business plans and cash flow projections as a prerequisite for accessing financing sources. GlobalCfo targets accounting standards compliance and theory, sound infrastructure /process mapping and COSO 2013/solid internal controls and last but not least documentation Policy and Procedures and other manuals. Additionally, interim-CFO services are offered as well as training at all levels and all functions, not just accounting; e.g. management and leadership skills. Pre/Post-M&A is also offered.

Mr. Peter E. Welch


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