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The people of Kampala and Ugandans, in general, are very kind and friendly and are very approachable.

Kampala, with a population of approximately 2.5 million, is by far the largest city in Uganda. It is not yet wholly overwhelmed with traffic and sprawl like Nairobi and Lagos. Additionally, Kampala is very safe to walk around, even at night, a welcome fact for many a high-strung visitor arriving from Nairobi.

Uganda, as the recipient of massive amounts of Western aid money, hosts large numbers of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Most of those NGOs are based in Kampala, so there is an established expat scene in the city.’

Uganda, June 2019: International Conference: Digitalization and eLearning for Education

The Conference is for people working in governmental positions both central and in the districts, school owners, schools leaders, teachers and staff from colleges and universities (read more …)

The venue for the conference about
Digitalization and eLearning for Education

Visa to enter Uganda

Typically you will be required to pay 50 USD for the entry visa, so have the money ready in cash (USD or USh) to spend at passport control – they do not accept credit cards. In any case, check whether a visa is required before arrival for your specific nationality. Usually you will need to show an international vaccination certificate for Yellow Fever, however, the rule is not applied strictly.

Travel from Entebbe to Kampala

When you are coming to Kampala by air, you will arrive in the city of Entebbe, 35km southwest of Kampala.

You can get from Entebbe to Kampala:

  • via taxi (approx 80,000 USh one way)
  • hotel shuttle (e.g. if you have a reservation with Sheraton ask for their shuttle – 60 USD added to your hotel bill, for one way trip if shared -chances are very high other hotel guests are arriving on your flight).

What to do in Kampala?

Check out the Baha’i Temple – this is the only Baha’i temple on the entire African continent. The gorgeous domed cathedral is found on a hill encompassed by calming gardens, and because the Baha’i is a comprehensive faith anybody is welcome to visit these grounds or participate in a Sunday service.

Baha’i Temple, Kampala

Brave Owino Market – In the middle of downtown Kampala is a bustling market that seems built out of whimsy plus scraps than anything weight bearing. Within the tight, dirty halls of this inside/outside bazaar, you’ll find nearly everything. Pink boa, Designer jeans, Fedora completed with the feather, clothes from the 70s, disco suit all in different colours. However be mindful, pickpockets are plentiful, and women are usually bothered when walking by themselves.

Owino Market, Uganda

Ogle Parliament – Kampala is the capital city of Uganda,  has some incredibly great sights, such as the parliament building, ideally situated on Parliament Avenue. You can not enter this building when not on an appointment; however, it is delightful to stand right in front of the building and take into account the decisions happening within that building.

Drift about the Art Galleries – Kampala’s art scene is taking off, and these galleries are growing and enhancing to complement. Visit the Makerere gallery, Tulifanya, Umoja, Afriart as well as MishMash, and as you read this, you will find several other beautiful places.

Look for the Monuments – there are many amazing historical monuments within Kampala including the independence monument, one launched for the 2007 Commonwealth meeting, and another unveiled recently for the 50th independence anniversary.

Play Football or Soccer – Whether you are an amateur or you are an experienced player, Kampala will work out well for you. Pitches are plentiful near schools and children will enjoyably welcome you to join in a match. There are better matches of more experienced players during the weekends.

Learn Salsa – there are classes conducted at the National Theater as well as Lotus Mexicana. You can check the internet for updates!

Visit the Old Taxi Park – this is found downtown in Kampala and it is more like the beating heart of this city, with the everywhere white & blue taxi vans moving in and out of this park is a very fantastic view as seen from above, brings up nothing a lot as a swirl of fast-paced ants. There are a couple of incredible vantage points to be seen.

Old Taxi Park, Kampala

Go to for a Church Service from any of the local places of worship – Regardless if you are among the devoted or not, the church services in Uganda are lively it is challenging not to enjoy them. Attempt to look for a place where dancing is a crucial area of the worshipping. You will use up more energy than any workouts in any health club.

Watch the Sunset – being a city on several hills you can watch the breathtaking sunsets in the evenings. Go up a mountain, look for a vantage point, get comfortable with some lovely friends, and view the fantastic beauty of Mother Nature.

What to do in Uganda?

Wildlife, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Volcanoes, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and the lost Eden of East Africa, Kidepo Valley Park.

Safari, Uganda

The Pearl of Africa is Africa’s Premier Mountain Gorilla Destination, the Best Chimpanzee Destination in East Africa. It has the largest Population of the majestic Rothschild Giraffes; the Elephants are growing in number and not diminishing as in other countries, it is the best Birding Destination in Africa, the River Nile with it adrenaline rush activities such as White Water Rafting.

The country is blessed with all kinds of wildlife, and many people don’t realise all there is to see.  The new integration of Uganda into the Eastern Africa Community is great for tourism as well.

The things to do in Uganda are some of the unique things to do in the world.  Gorilla Trekking, which Uganda is mostly known for, can only be found in three countries, all of which are located in Eastern Africa.  There are also hidden gems in Uganda that most people don’t know about including Africa safaris and an excellent lake region which is one of the reasons why people say that Uganda is the Pearl Of Africa.

Uganda has been continually referred to as home to a variety of ethnic groups in Africa with over 50 recognized  tribes, each speaking a different dialect, with dissimilar practices, uniquely fascinating songs and dance, various flavours of food and drink, people of ever-mounting levels of friendliness and hospitality, and some of the most queer but fascinating traditions on earth.

Being in Africa must feel like watching NatGeo WILD in Full HD from the comfort of an open roof safari jeep. But there is more to that in Africa, really much more to be said about Africa, and if you laboured to look up details of what to do beyond the conventional Big Five Safari, I bet you’d have some sweet discoveries to share.

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