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Ms Rashmi Mehra is a Senior Management professional with 25+ yrs experience and has managed departments and verticals independently in leadership roles. She has significant experience in both Corporate and Consulting fields with an accelerated career path and honours.

An experienced Vocational Education and Training Consultant, she has a demonstrated history of working on TVET Reforms, QA & Standards, Competency standards and Curriculum Development, Instructional Design,  Institutional Strengthening, Training, Capacity building & Project Management.

As a Sr. management professional and International development consultant, she has worked across different sectors- private, public and bilateral development cooperation, working with different focus groups – marginalized youth, women, disadvantaged, government & corporate professionals, etc. She has been recognized for designing capacity development initiatives and industry aligned programs.

Specific country experience gained through short & long term assignments/ consultancies, appraisal missions and managed projects include  India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka.

She has been part of several projects with funding agencies like ADB (multiple projects), EU, USAID and World Bank.

During her work tenure, she has contributed to the research and development of various academic books at Pearson and research reports on TVET (project specific)

Fluent in English and Hindi, she has a Masters in Life Science with a double Bachelors degree in Education & Science.


Ms Rashmi Mehra, India

Email: rash_me555@yahoo.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/egbule-patrick

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