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In our daily lives, we depend on our, and we charge them easily. That is not the situation for people in areas without electricity. They have to walk for hours, even days to charge their mobile phones. With a charged phone they get access to vital information where they live and work.

  • NIDECO AS is a Norwegian company aimed at powering Africa and has built up an organisation and significant experience towards that aim since its inception in 2014. Currently, we aim at renting out Solar systems to small businesses for charging mobile phones in areas without power, starting in villages near Tamale, in North East Ghana.
  • After two years, we expect more than 55,000 phones to be charged per day, allowing people to access vital information on their phones where they live and work.
  • The investment needed for that is $290,000 in two years, and the expected financial result after three years is almost $500,000.

Lucubrate Magazine November 2019

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