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The pandemic still affects us The pandemic has changed much in our lives. It has changed a lot for many people. Work and school are perhaps the most disrupted aspects of life during this pandemic. In many places, the schools have returned in person. Many schools have opened again for a normal situation. In other places, schools are still closed. Many pupils and students lack their education, or they have to follow the education from their screen.

On the other side, work has been a far slower process when it comes to returning to the office. Many employees have decided that they prefer the work/life balance of remote work and many have migrated to be closer to family or moved farther away from city centres to have more space and fresh air.

Meanwhile, many employers have become infatuated with the productivity gains of remote work and the ability to scale down their commercial real estate holdings for significant cost savings. 

We may enter a trend where you find the pupils and students leave their home heading for the schools and universities, while their parents stay home and do their work from the home office. We believe that 2022 will become the turning point towards this trend.

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