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Lucubrate Magazine, Issue 28, June 15th, 2018 

Mr. Abdelkader ALLALI

Mr. Abdelkader ALLALI is from Morocco. He has the knowledge and implementing applied climate change, and he works on green economy projects. He has good analytical, appraisal and planning skills in climate change mitigation and National Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Western and Northern African countries. He initiates climate strategic planning, project development, and management.

Mr. Abdelkader ALLALI holds international environmental law and assessment of related studies.

He has designed contracts, projects and construction management in the fields related to water, roadworks, bridges, drainage and other infrastructure projects, hydrology and climate change for more than 15 years.

He has demonstrated the ability to lead and manage multi-disciplinary teams and monitoring and evaluation projects as a Vice-chair of the IPCC Working Group II on impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change. He has the ability to transfer know-how to staff working in governmental and NGOs in developing countries.

Mr. Abdelkader ALLALI has skills he has used in many different practical projects. He has demonstrated public relations and inter-personnel skills with the ability to work independently and in a consultative teamwork environment with the ability to maintain positive and working relationships with external agencies and the general public. He has a long list of national and international activities and he is or has been member of various professional bodies like the National Committee of the Earth Science Matters Foundation in Morocco, Founder of the Moroccan Association on Green Economy, member of the Steering Committee of the Global Change and Water Resources in West Africa Projects: GLOWA, and lead author of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. 2004.


Mr. Abdelkader ALLALI Nobel Peace Prize Cowinner


Email: allali05@yahoo.fr

Mobile: +212(0)642501905


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