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Suman cannot sleep a night without dreaming. Often, he forgets what the last night dreams. Even though, he likes to try to recall the dreams linked to romance, beauty and women. However, his efforts are in vain. On the other hand, fearful dreams return very often. He can’t understand why the nice dreams don’t appear that much while the bad ones, come again and again.

His nightmares reached the peak a week ago. He had been sick in three days. His doctor advised him to rest. He was given antibiotics. In such a night he went to bed earlier and within half an hour he reached the land of dream. But the dreams that came to his sleep were notorious; Aliens from other worlds came with a spaceship to his home. They started shooting him and his neighbours. Suman tried to escape. The spaceships were chasing after him. He was caught in between the fires and gradually the aliens became visible.

Alien, Photo by adimas (Adobe Stock)

Aliens with Human face

At one point, in the dream, he discovered that the faces of the aliens were alike people he knows. The faces he saw were the people he gave money to for helping him to get a job or start his own business. They are all middlemen or brokers. Sometimes Suman fights with them for recovering his money. However, the brokers never told that they would not payback. However, in the dream, he became impatient and tried to show his power.

The brokers in the dreams are connected with people with influence. That made Suman give up. But the brokers in the dreams never gave up. Now they are after him in his sleep whatever he dreams about.

Suman goes out of bed to avoid the bad dream. He walks around, watches TV, drinks water, chats with Facebook friends. However, the night seems to be endless.

Sleep Again

After a couple of hours, he again goes to bed and sleep. “Now they will not come again, I hope” Suman groans. Within some few minutes, he fell asleep. Then he started dreaming.

This time he found himself in another land of dreams. This land of dreams is a developed country where some of his friends are migrant workers. He was fascinated by nature, roads, buildings, landscapes on the outskirts of the city. He could recall his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend left him just since he had no job. Suddenly, he found the people around him speaking in his language. They started showing interest in Suman. They took him to the museum, parks, and historical places. Even the restaurants and bars he had heard about many times, were there. He ate all the good food and drank all the drinks.

The dream took him to a tourist bus. This took him and other tourists through the alleys of the cities. “Oh, if I could meet her I could have told that I am now a wealthy person,” Suman told himself in the dream. The bus in the dream was heading out of the town. The beautiful landscape, trees, crop field, grape gardens-all were an attraction to him.

Bus, Photo by kastock (Adobe Stock)

Suddenly the bus got stuck in a queue. Why are we not moving, he asked his guide? “We are at the security check,” his guide replied. In the dream, Suman’s face turned pale. He couldn’t understand how he came here since he didn’t have a passport. He began to sweat and the fear of being in danger engulfed him. The security personnel entered the bus. Suman screamed and waked up from sleep.

His parents and younger sister heard him screaming and run to his room. No one in the family could sleep any more this night. The next few nights became terrible for him. Relatives and neighbours advised Suman’s parents to take him to a psychiatrist. But Suman didn’t agree. “It is my problem and I would like to handle it. Just give me some days. If I fail then I will follow your advice”, said Suman.

Suman remembered the people who threatened him in his dreams. He decided to pay them back in the same way. With much courage, he ordered one of the brokers to give back the money that he had used to go abroad. The broker was a little surprised at first glance and thought Suman was just joking with him. However, later he understood the change of Suman and agreed that he would gradually pay back the money. Suman was not convinced. He hired professional consultants and prepared legal agreement between him and the broker to get back the money.

He followed the same strategy to the others who were making trouble to him. He didn’t stop dreaming in the nights. However, the people that appeared in his dreams were not as arrogant as before. In the dreams, they looked curious to Suman

Sleep during the day

For the next few days, he divided his sleeping hours between day and nights. It was interesting that the nightmares didn’t come at the day time; they only came when he slept in the night. Bad people fear the light and enjoy the darkness, Suman understands. “If there were no darkness, these people couldn’t have existed,” Suman thought. That is how to pay off bad dreams.

Lucubrate Magazine November 2019

The Nightmare; sleeplessness man suffers from Insomnia, Photo by Rafael Ben-Ari (Adobe Stock).

The Nightmare

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