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 I travel.  I am from Bangladesh. I move inside Bangladesh. You can learn from your hobby. You can learn by travelling.

Everyone knows that Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It has a lot of beautiful Tourists and Historical place. I want to see this beauty. I want to know the historical sites in the country.

We Needed a Group for Minimizing the Cost

A group of individuals or organisations combined to promote some common interest is called syndicate. I try to collect people that are interested in travelling. Therefore we named it a syndicate. We call it “Travelers Syndicate”.

On 9th October 2018, we started the Tour and Travel Group, called “Travelers Syndicate”. Before that, we have travelled to different places both inside the country and abroad the last two years. We started without any banner or group name. But we now feel that we need both a banner and a group name. Now we have established a formal group under the name of “Travelers Syndicate”. Abutaleb Islam Shishir is the Founder and Managing Director. I am the Co-Funder together with Roudrota Nitu. Here we are the “Travelers Syndicate”.

Just some days after, on 19 October 2018, we held the first event. We called the event “Launch ar Chade Adda” (in English: “Adda on the roof of Launch”).  This event was in the Chandpur district at Three Nadir Mohona (three rivers Meet a point). The three rivers are Padma, Meghna, and Dakatia river. Where the three rivers meet, they have built a big railway station, called Chandpur District. There is also a port or a small harbour there. This is a spectacular place where many tourists show up. The tourists are both local and from far. At the station, you will find the biggest market of Hilsa in Bangladesh. If you wish, you can buy fresh Hilsa (a fish) from there.

We want to link up with other with the same interest for travelling like us. We can learn from each other. We have launched a web where everyone can follow us. You can join us if you plan to travel to Bangladesh.

Lucubrate Magazine, Issue 46, November 9th, 2018

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Md. Bulbul Islam
Md. Bulbul Islam

BY MD. BULBUL ISLAM, PGD in Project Management, MBA in HRM, M.Ed, B.Ed Honos (Education Research), Researcher, Data Manager, Trainer, etc

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