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There is a process to being an entrepreneurial success. I will give you the recipe that will get one closer.

Leveraging your network as an entrepreneur

Every successful business has a support network behind it. The same applies to entrepreneurs. To get the best out of one’s resources and grow your business, one need connection, communication, and inspiration are vital.

An entrepreneur needs to take action. This involves believing in oneself, courage to make the first move and persistence to keep going.

It all starts with having clarity on the message and creating a desirable product offer or service. However, this alone is not enough. A robust strategy is mandatory in getting started.

People buy from people, especially in the service industry. One of the most relevant elements of a strategy is to build a strong network. Creating value, building trust, and engagement are essential for making business.

Many platforms are specifically designed for this purpose. Entrepreneurs need to determine which one resonates best with them and where their message is best heard.

Facebook, Instagram, Club House are all platforms that offer innumerable ways to build a network and create engagement with one’s target market.

Participating in live conversations with other experts and offering Q&A sessions can be valuable, rewarding and valuable to support the “know-like-trust” factor.

Finding ways to connect, collaborate, communicate and add value to other experts ensures your collaboration will help you both find prospective clients.

The “Know-Like-Trust” factor

Being visible is now really easy. LinkedIn, for example, is the perfect platform to put this into practice, thanks to its messaging system, live events and broad reach.

Being entrepreneurial is all about talking to the audience. This is key! The platform allows hosting webinars, uploading podcasts, and even pre-recording videos with subtitles. 

Producing quality content is just as essential to prevent being perceived as a spammer, which puts one’s credibility as a professional and expert at risk. Showing up as an expert that helps resolve problems is what people want. They want easy access to connecting and finding the solutions they are looking for.

Being approachable as an entrepreneur is also crucial. Some entrepreneurs hide behind their qualifications, degrees and expertise. Clients don’t care! It is essential to be providing on the mark relevant, valuable information that potential clients want to know about. 

Reaching out to like-minded professionals. 

Having a systematic approach to finding the people who will benefit from one’s services requires time and diligence. Patience and persistence in the outreach lead to success. 

Once the connection is established, it’s time to get to know the person personally and professionally. Continuous follow up will ensure the relationship will grow in a mutually beneficial manner. Many entrepreneurs fail here and lose leads that could have become clients in the long run.

The 3 C’s of Adding Value

Creating valuable content and keeping it relevant is tricky. It makes sense to test different content and ‘rinse-and-repeat’ the pieces that show the best performance. The 3 C’s of Adding Value are Connecting, Collaborating, and Communicating relevant content that adds direct value to one’s network.

Being entrepreneurial needs one to “Think BIG”. No one wants to hear from an expert who is not sharing their valuable expertise. It is vital to position oneself as the go-to solution person. This can be achieved by having a blog, a podcast or both! It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to establish all these, but the framework for success is set once it is in place.

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Selling Solutions of Fixing Problems?

People often remember solutions rather than problems. Being their expert with a niche service they need. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to offer them just what they need by remembering the 3C’s: Connecting, Collaborating, and Communicating relevant content that adds real value! When people see one as their personal expert, they will trust and want more! Many entrepreneurs dwell on why their services are the best and spend too much time talking about themselves. No one cares about that. People care about what one can do to help them and which solutions they want and need. It is essential to focus on the expected outcome rather than speak too much about the offering.

Being Generous

Being generous and sharing content for free pays off. This can be achieved by offering a free e-book or giving away a helpful brochure based on expertise. Giving away free content gives potential clients a taste of their offering, which can evoke interest in getting more of it.


Sharing client experiences, publishing testimonials, and talking about benefits and real stories are crucial to building one’s network being heard and relevant. Relevant content received from referrals and word-of-mouth experiences are more powerful than anything else. It helps to come across as trustworthy, reliable and valuable.

There is a process to being an entrepreneurial success. Using the above recipe will get one closer.

Jasmine Navarro: www.withnava.com


Lucubrate Magazine February 2022

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Jasmine Navarro
Jasmine Navarro

Jasmine is a certified family coach and a qualified teacher. She has 17 years of international work experience. She works with teens and young adults struggling with self-confidence.


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