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In the Future, Artificial Intelligence Will be Available to Everyone

Substantial increases in the future use of AI applications, including more self-driving cars, healthcare diagnostics and targeted treatment, and physical assistance for elder care can be expected. While drawing on general research and technologies, AI systems are specialised to accomplish particular tasks. Each application requires years of focused research and careful, unique construction. (read more…)

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Lucubrate Magazine, Issue 51, December 28th, 2018

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Lucubrate Magazine
Lucubrate Magazine

Lucubrate Magazine highlights trends in education and development. Development in this context can be technological, educational, individual, social or global, and everything related to education.
Lucubrate Magazine is a global based on the web magazine with the main office in Norway.

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  1. My kid is about to complete high school final as science student. He is passionate to have AI as major in undergrad study in the best-known institute anywhere on the globe. We would like to know if anyone has info about funding opportunity. We look for a full scholarship.

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